About Hospitality Laundry Services

Hospitality laundry services or HLS is Pembrokeshire’s only Electrolux Accredited HACCP holiday-let focused service.

Set up with the holiday let market in mind, we have endeavoured to cover all aspects of delivery to insure that on changeover day your linen is all clean all there and delivered in time.

The HACCP International Certification is only awarded to equipment and materials that demonstrate stringent food safety standards after a comprehensive evaluation by a team of assessors

All machines are industrial machines aimed at providing a top quality finish irrespective of linen type. The auto dose and weigh systems ensure no over dosing (which causes staining) while the use of Sparenity® chemicals insures removal of tough stains such as fake tan while avoiding damage to linen. Item specific programming means your linen has its own specially designed washing program in order to get the best results

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Performing to the highest standard


As Pembrokeshire’s only Electrolux Accredited HACCP laundry, we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers. As such we provide the following services as standard:

  1. All laundry bags provided.
  2. Free linen pickup and delivery*
  3. Oven Gloves, Tea Towels and Bath Mats provided*
  4. House Linen (high quality cotton linen) is used to substitute any permanently stained linen. This covers changeover whilst the problem is dealt with insuring your changeover day goes smoothly while allowing time for you to buy new linen or use replacements*
  5. Line system in our laundry insures no cross over of linen.
  6. Thorough inspection of items during process to eliminate stained linen appearing on changeover.
  7. Linen is packed by bed type (if required) to speed up change over. Say goodbye to sorting linen on the day.

Bespoke services are available on request. High Quality All-Cotton Linen Hire available* to suit hotels, restaurants, spas, etc.
*subject to terms and conditions after negotiation